The Ballentine Legacy

Welcome to The Ballentine Legacy

Current Generation: Two (Faust Ballentine)

The Idea

I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about why I chose this legacy style. The first ever legacy that I read was commentary. It was a long time ago and I’m pretty sure that since then that particular legacy has been deleting. (I’ll try and find it and share it, if I can). The reason I wanted to do a commentary is because that legacy was the best one I have ever read. It was witty, cute and just plain fun!

The Ballentine Legacy follows the founder, Amelia Ballentine, a creative woman with an knack for anything ¬†artsy. Amelia arrives flat broke with only the clothes on her back and a large plot of land that she has mysteriously required. Although she is seemingly an innocent, distressed young woman, Amelia is harboring some dark secrets that will haunt her until the day she dies…

Things You Should Know

  • This is a commentary! I have changed up my writing style a bit since the beginning chapters, which were told mostly through dialogue. Now there is more action then talk and I do not interfere as much as before
  • I will mostly be using Pinstar’s legacy rules, which I will bend for story telling purposes
  • Mods will be used (Specifically Story Progression, Whoohooer, etc.)
  • Heirs can be any gender
  • The only cheats I will use are Moveobjects, Headlineffects, and Build Cheats (Some others may be used, however only to aid in the story line)
  • Heirs will be voted by you beautiful people!

New Readers!

Hey there you wonderful people! Firstly, thanks for reading the this, it really does mean a lot to me! I just wanted to clear the air about A.T’s Diary! That is a very short story of sorts which resembles the diary of a young girl who we know simply as A.T. These chapters are quite relevant to the actually legacy, especially the second generation! I would suggest reading A.T’s Diary first before you start the actual legacy, however if you don’t read it first, go right ahead and read generation one! I do strongly suggest, however, that you read ¬†the diary before starting the second generation!

Here is where you can start A.T’s diary!

Here is where you can start Amelia’s generation!



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